Emergency Alert System (EAS)

Enhancing Infrastructure Resilience with Emergency Alert System(EAS)

EAS is pivotal in safeguarding essential infrastructure against unforeseen disruptions. This system plays a key role in monitoring critical equipment, ensuring that businesses can maintain robust and reliable operations. Enhance the resilience of your critical infrastructure with the Emergency Alert System (EAS), leveraging Network & GSM-based technologies.

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  • Features
  1. Network and GSM-Based Alert System: Ensures robust communication capabilities.
  2. 24/7 Remote Monitoring: Accessible via a user-friendly web interface.
  3. Superior Alternative to SNMP: Offers enhanced flexibility and functionality.
  4. Automated Contact Notification: Can call up to five designated contacts in the event of an alert.
  5. Direct Connection to Raw Power Supply: Designed for seamless integration.
  6. Emergency-Ready with Built-In Battery: Operates reliably even during power outages.
  7. Secure and User-Friendly Interface: Password protection ensures your data stays safe.
  8. Event Logging: Timely event information is downloadable in Excel format for easy analysis.